TV Review: American Gods

It's kooky and it's abstract. It's colourful and eccentric. It's the new Amazon Original American Gods. (Cue Adam's Family theme tune).

It’s kooky and it’s abstract. It’s colourful and eccentric. It’s the new Amazon Original American Gods. (Cue Adam’s Family theme tune).

I’m one episode in and I’m already hooked. As someone who enjoys fresh and exciting narratives, American Gods by the infamous Neil Gaiman is an interesting concept: that gods live among us.

Instead of presenting them in an obvious benevolent light, or using overused characters like God, Death, the Devil, etc… we as viewers are shown new exciting gods, or at least gods with a fresh spin.

American Gods, as far as I can tell from what I’ve seen so far, is about Shadow Moon, a tall, dark, and mega muscle hunk played by actor Ricky Whittle, who is released from prison a few days early to mourn the loss of his wife.

In the interim, and as such the ways of these types of programs, we are also shown short snippets of other gods, including a Goddess who literally tucks a man into her vagina.

It’s true what they say, film and TV adaptations of books are generally better written. Characters are well developed and narratives offer more than just the standard blockbuster explosions (although they can be fun to watch as well).

I’m excited to watch the next episode and would recommend giving the show a try if you’re looking for something fun and fresh to watch.

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