A Review of Birthdays

I turned twenty-something on Monday 12th June. Birthdays have never been special to me, even when they’ve fallen on a socially important year, i.e 13, 18, 21 etc… it is just a day, one single day that marks the annual arrival of your presence into this world.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the number of rubbish birthdays I’ve experienced, maybe I’m getting cynical as I grow older, or maybe I just have too high an expectation of what a birthday should be. Either way, this year something was very different. This year there was no expectation. I had nothing planned.

And yet, my friends decided to throw me a ‘not so surprise’ birthday party and treat me to an evening of cocktails and dancing. Whether or not I’d consumed too much alcohol, I felt like crying, or like the grinch who’s heart tripled in size. I’d not had a surprise party before and it meant a lot that these people had decided I was worthy enough for them to put the hard work into arranging a gathering.

I know I’ve been spoiled this year, a party and an array of gifts has me feeling a bit like a princess and it makes me wonder why I’ve not had this experience before. It makes me wonder why more people don’t have this experience, this feeling of pure elation.

My friend Sam found out some horrible news on a past birthday and ended up lighting his own candles on a birthday cake he’d bought himself. This year his girlfriend surprised him with gig tickets to a festival that he really wanted to go to.

It goes to show that friends are everything, they are what makes our experience’s special. Whether you have a whole group of fabulously outrageous friends that will each sing happy birthday at the top of their lungs, embarrassing you in a restaurant, or a small group who will willingly stay in their pajamas all day watching films and eating take away with you, friends are what make birthdays special.

#birthdaygirl ☀️🎉

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