Music Review: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

It's here. The Halsey album I've been waiting for since I heard the Now or Never track.

It’s here. The Halsey album I’ve been waiting for since I heard the Now or Never track.

The prologue is deep, bassy and re-introduces you to Halsey in a Romeo and Juliet inspired harmony, which I’m sure is intentional. You’ll see what I mean in my review of Now or Never.

100 Letters is honest, it’s Halsey wearing her heart on her sleeve which is just what makes her so incredibly awesome.

I’ve been dancing to Eyes Closed since the track was released back last month on YouTube. This and Now or Never are my current favourite tracks on the album.

Heaven in Hiding is Halsey trying something raspy and raw, it’s a song you can picture yourself at a concert, screaming at the top of your lungs with the rest of the crowd.

By the time Alone starts I’m almost featuring in a Quentin Tarantino film. It has a distant, removed sound and if you ask me, is like a musical representation of the uncanny valley.

Sorry. Wait, a piano piece? This was an unexpected track but it goes to show that Halsey can do more than just create dance tunes. I was surprised to hear her vocal range and the song definitely gave me goosebumps. “Someone will love you, but someone isn’t me.” is definitely my 2017 power ballad.

Good morning is a quaint intermission that turns dark and almost sinister, especially with the ballet music box ending.

Lie featuring Quavo is more of a rnb chillstep trap song that makes you want to find the nearest pole and start a career as a stripper. That or stare out of a window as you pretend you’re on some epic journey.

This album has so many genres that I couldn’t even put it into a category. Walls Could Talk is definitely one of the most interesting songs on the album. It’s sinister, grime-y and reminiscent of a mixture of different influences including Emily Autumn and Destiny’s Child.

Bad at Love should be every hopeless romantic’s theme song. It’s one of those songs you feel you need to belt out the chorus, even when you don’t know the rest of the lyrics (much like when I spontaneously am overcome with the need to sing the Jurassic Park theme tune).

Don’t Play has a chorus that’ll bring out your inner bad girl, even if you’re a 6″2 bearded male. Five words: Don’t Fuck Up My Vibe.

Strangers featuring Lauren Jauregui is retro sounding, with a backing beat that reminds me of an 8 bit video game. Jauregui has a rusty voice that perfectly compliments Halsey’s feminine sound.

Angel on Fire is a grand almost cinematic sounding wonder, like something you’d hear in a Hunger Games, or Divergence film.

The Devil in Me continues the album with a chillstep summer number which reminds me of Reading festival 2016. It’s easy to listen to and first impressions is that I’ll be singing this, loudly, on my long distance travels across the country this weekend. (Embarassing image I know).

Hopeless featuring Cashmere Cat is more reminiscent of the Halsey, it’s full of bass and sexiness. Yet this track feels like a bit of a musical experiment, especially when the breakdown synth harmonies kick in.

Overall, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom has plenty to offer in the way of variation and I’d recommend anyone give the album a listen, even if you’ve only ever heard one Halsey song. You might find something you like. It wasn’t my favourite album, I didn’t love every track but it was still worth a solid 8/10 and a serious think about whether I want to buy a ticket to this years Reading to see her.




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