Review: Alien Covenant

When discussing my thoughts on Alien Covenant, my colleague told me that she thought none of the films had lived up to the original 1979 Alien release. I can certainly say that out of all of the Alien films, Alien Covenant was my least favourite. Whether or not I agree that any of the post-1979 releases were any comparison to the original is a different matter entirely.

One of Alien Covenant’s opening scenes is a grand star trek type shot of the ship, in all its glory. The geek in me was both intimidated and excited. I wasn’t one for jumpy films or gore and seeing the film at the cinema had me slightly on edge, ready for jumping out of chair action. Only, no jump scares arrived. They were predictable, dry, and lacking emotion.

This film was never going to be revolutionary. It was an old idea posing like new. What it lacked was an original story, after all, it could have had so much more potential. It felt too short, too abrupt and lacked any sort of empathy towards any of the characters, so little that when they were inevitably killed off one by one, we feel nothing. We didn’t know these characters. We were introduced to half arsed stereotypical characters with no backstory, no future and no real motivations, even the will to survive only emerges when one of the characters gets locked in a room with the alien early on.

Alien Covenant, to sum it up, was an underdeveloped cash cow and hope that by watching the film I have picked up on what not to do when I’m developing my characters in my own writing.

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