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Writing Masterclass: Newsletters

Everywhere I look I seem to find more and more people talking about the value of an email newsletter but what use is one and how can we make our own?

Everywhere I look I seem to find more and more people talking about the value of an email newsletter but what use is one and how can we make our own?

In my eyes, newsletters are there to promote your work to your followers, show them something new that they can’t necessarily find on your social media platforms, and let them know where they can find you. It’s essentially a little nudge for your followers to visit your website or your blog.

What we want, as authors, to call our followers to action. We want them to follow us on all our social media platforms, buy our novels, share our work with others. Your newsletter should reflect this.

So you have a blog. You have a handful of followers but as it stands you don’t have any email addresses to send your wonderful newsletter to. My first port of call was to check my existing email contacts, friends and online connections are a brilliant start but I wanted to know where we find new followers for our newsletter?

There’s the spam way, sending unsolicited emails directly to people you think might be interested in, on the off chance they read and respond to your call to action, or you could try an alternative which asks people nicely to give up their details.

Freebies are always an incentive for people, arrange giveaways for people who sign up to your newsletter.

Another idea is to add a sign-up sheet directly on your blog. Your viewers must be at least mildly interested if they’re already on your website!

End each blog post with a call to action. Ask them to sign up to your newsletter. The more exposure your newsletter sign up has the better. Especially, if your viewers jump on to read one post and then disappear, never to make it to your home page where you’ve put all the hard work into nicely presenting your newsletter sign up button.

Okay. So you have a few emails to send this newsletter to. Now for the fun bit, creating the newsletter.

My advice is to keep it simple. A logo, a header, the body of the text, a call to action, followed by your contact details. I also don’t need to tell you about the importance of images in grabbing your readers attention as your blog posts should be utilizing this (if you need help in creating eye-catching banners or headers please get in contact).

Here’s an example of my newsletter, free for all you lovely readers.


Why not sign up for my newsletter? Visit my About Page and drop me a line. Let me know what your preferred genre is and what book you’re planning to read next.

Until next time, have a great week.


  1. Here I come. Found you through the WP reader but I’m heading over now. I’m working on a novel that’s taken me literally *years* to even get halfway done (because I keep going back and rewriting it from the beginning). So…here I come!

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