Blogger Recognition Award

A few days ago I submitted my work on the off chance it would receive a bit more exposure and develop my networking. What I didn't expect was to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I would like to thank Rock Your World for the recent nomination (and recommend that you check out the blog!).

A few days ago I submitted my work on the off chance it would receive a bit more exposure and develop my networking. What I didn’t expect was to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I would like to thank Rock Your World for the recent nomination (and recommend that you check out the blog!).

I’ve been developing this blog since January this year and it’s so lovely to receive positive reinforcement from my fellow bloggers. I know my writing is not of a Neil Gaiman standard but I am not Gaiman, I am Kirsty Allen, and my writing reflects that.

There are a few very simple rules to follow when accepting this reward –
1.  I must thank the Blogger who nominated me and provide a link to their blog.
2. I must write a post to show the award.
3. I must write a brief story on how my blog started.
4. I must give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. I must select 15 bloggers to pass this award on to.
6. I must comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been nominated for this award and provide a link to this post.

How my blog started

I was sick of failure. I had tried to create a career selling my art but was seemingly going nowhere. I wanted a hobby that I could be passionate about, that I could do anywhere so that if I decided to go travelling I could.

I started writing my novel a few years back. The inspiration hit me in the shower and I had to remind myself to wash out the shampoo before I rushed out to write the idea down.

January I decided to put fingers to keys and develop my blog. I wasn’t sure what to write about so I just wrote what I felt like. Eventually, that transformed into the blog I run today.

Advice to new bloggers

I’ve met too many people who refuse to post anything they write online because they’re scared about what people will think. Is it too cliche? Will people laugh at me?

Honestly, the best piece of advice I could give to new bloggers is that to begin with no one will read your writing and that’s okay. The important thing is to get yourself out there and put your best foot forward. You’re only going to improve.

My second piece of advice is to make sure you write every day for at least 10 minutes. It might be rubbish, it may never see the light of day but you will improve your technical skills and you never know, you might find a piece of inspiration for your next post.

My 15 nominees are (in no particular order):

  1. Randall’s Review

This blog is so full of wit and dry sarcastic humour that I can’t help but laugh.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Or in my case, a highly intoxicated gentleman pleading for an ambulance.” – Just Call Me, Mr Deeds

2. Little Fears

I love this blog for the flash fiction. The short, firework posts are memorable and kooky.

“Ignore him,” said Serpent. “It’s his current addiction.”

“What’s that?” asked Red.

“Oh, he’s obsessed with hill walking,” said Serpent.

“Ah,” replied Red. “I once got addicted to skiing.”

“Oh aye?” asked Serpent.

“Yeah,” replied Red. “It was a slippery slope.”  – Walking- In Which Hills Are Climbed

3. Behavioural Issues

You know when blog posts keep you captivated from start to end? This blog, especially the In Transit(ion) post had me gripped from start to finish.

“Sky’s the limit, bitches, yeah!” – In Transit(ion)

4. Perfectly Imperfect

Keeping with the theme of short stories, much like Little Fears this blog offers short flash fiction which really inspire the creative juices!

“I get so wrapped up in a world where nothing is what it seems, and real life grows stranger than my dreams. I’m a prisoner to my decisions, and I’m a prisoner to my addiction. ” – Prisoner

5. Tales from the Aether

I couldn’t help but think of Edgar Allan Poe when I was reading these posts!

“Penelope admired the elegant Japanese design on her new diary. Tiny figures dressed in kimonos knelt beside a lake while sparrows flew over their heads. She ran her finger along the gilt flowers embossed on the border of the cover, then flipped open the magnetic clasp and turned to the first page. She put her pen to the paper and paused, wondering what to write about.” – The Haunting Of A Girl

6. The Mind Of Nox

This blog is that of a different kind. All the posts are written from the character’s perspective, not the authors.

“My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. I am always a work in progress, but at current I was born in ’92 in Boulder, Colorado but grew up in New York City where I work as a “monster” hunter. ” – About Nox

7. The H-Files

No, he’s not a fan blog for the X Files (that I know of). Instead this blog offers interesting thoughts and opinions.

“Anyone that knows me knows I like to bitch and complain. I’m not going to lie, that is true. Battling depression, you have your good days and your bad days. It’s very easy to see the glass as half empty instead of half full.

Well, tonight, anyway, I got a glimpse of the half-full glass.” – Unexpected Contentment

8. Tish MacWebber

Tish hosts one of those blogs that really inspire you to be a better person. I hosted her previous guest post  “It’s not just about the Pink T-shirt, it’s about Changing Your Attitude” which was heartfelt and I couldn’t stop reading.

“I do believe that bullies can change, just like I as a victim did.  I lead by example, and if we stand together, that’s two against one.  I like those odds.” It’s not about the Pink T-shirt…

9. A Writer’s Path

This blog offers many helpful tips and tricks for writers. There have been a few times I’ve ended up here for inspiration.

“By not starting, what I mean is exactly that. I agree with what most would say, in that it is usually best to leave a manuscript for at least a month or so before revisiting it.” -Writing Tips/Insights #11: The Rewriting Process

10. Bookidote

This blog hosts a variety of reviews of a variety of novels. It’s a beautiful blog and it reads well.

“While I love Neil Gaiman’s writing usually, I was disappointed in this one. I know it was meant to be family friendly but I didn’t expect to read a middle grade book.” – Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

11. YA and Wine

A review blog about my favourite genre, paired with their most compatible wine. My two favourite things!

“What better wine to pair with a Mansfield Park retelling than this Mansfield Cabernet Sauvignon? Not only is the label ALMOST as lovely as this story, but the wine is complex and classy, just like Miss Price!” – Seeking Mansfield by Kate Watson

12. Blissful Scribbles

Not only does this blog scream professionalism but it offers some really helpful tips and tricks on writing.

“I’ve learned I must swing a machete through a draft to become a better writer.” – How to Murder a Draft, and Resurrect A Better Story

13. Morgan York Writes

This is a personal writing blog and I love reading about Morgan’s journey.

“When I started writing my series, I was in a pretty dark place. I was incredibly lonely. I was going through some life stuff that I won’t get into. As a result, the series evolved into something more than a story for me. It took over my life. ” – Thoughts On My Current Project

14. Extra Dry Martini

This is one of those superbly written, absorbing blogs that you find yourself lost in between the words, lost in the story.

“Screw it, I think. I close my laptop, leave my apartment, drive to the coast. I breathe in the Pacific Ocean and work to slow my breathing. And then, I speed it up again. With music pulsating through my headphones, I run up and down the wooden stairs on Montana Avenue, lungs burning, heart racing. I’m alive, I tell myself. It’s enough.” – The Rose Garden.

15. Rhianna Olivia

I believe that Rhianna takes all her own photos for her blog. She’s determined, bubbly, and so gosh darned friendly that you can’t help but want her to do well.

“I will give less Fucks about: FOMO. Seriously. Sometimes I just can’t do things/go places I’d like to go, sometimes I just outright don’t want to. I need to stop giving a crap about the elusive idea of “missing out”.” – My 2017 Fuck Budget


And there we have it, my nominees. Check them out, they are all fantastic blogs that everyone should follow.



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