Completing My Online Course: An Honest Review

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about signing up for an online course. I asked whether I thought it was worth paying for an online course to improve your skills and my summary was that yes, it was indeed worth parting with the hard earned cash.

Last night I finished the course. The supposed 40-hour course was completed in just under 10 hours, a bit of a miscalculation on their part. Now arguably I’ve always been a quick learner and a lot of the work was probably actioning the points raised within the course, in a sort of homework type scenario, but I was a tad disappointed by the lack of material offered.

Still, I managed to take away some new valuable knowledge which will definitely help my progression in the digital world.

It has me wondering about online courses and how we can better improve the services that they provide. When I was looking at the courses the summaries were short and sharp, good for a quick scan of each of their offerings but nothing was really discussed in depth. What it made me realise is that these courses could have been offered by anyone, at any price they saw fit and could have been utterly useless.

If anyone can make a course, that meant I could make one too. I could be honest, let potential customers know the new skills they could learn, in more depth than a one or two-word bullet pointed list.

Despite the course not being 100% what I was after, I am still glad that I decided to part with my cash and invest because it opened my eyes up to a completely new world and I discovered a few new things that I didn’t know before.

I hope that this and my previous post helps you to decide whether or not an online course is right for you and I hope that you will let me know your experiences of online courses in the comments below. Did you find them worthwhile?

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