Writing Prompt #14

Interview your novel’s protagonist.

Emily Dove sits across from me as she stares off into space, away with the fairies. She is not one for talking, in fact she is more of a listener and I know it will be hard to get her to open up to me, tell me about herself.

Me: Thank you for joining me today, I’d like to talk about your art. Who are your influences?

Emily: People compare my work to Georgia O’Keeffe.

Me: People also compare your work to Rachel Ruysch, the still life painter from the Netherlands. She also specialised in flowers. What draws you towards using flowers as your subject matter?

Emily: They’re dainty and feminine. If you looked at a flower you wouldn’t think of violence or destruction. Personally, I think that by painting flowers it offers a sense of tranquility.

Me: So as in a break from the real world?

Emily: I suppose.

Me: Could it be that painting offers you solace? After all, your life hasn’t been easy. Your mother, I hear, is in a home.

Emily: I’ve managed. The fresh start at university will help me turn over a new leaf and hopefully I can move past the stigmas from school.

Me: Let’s talk about your school life-

Emily: Let’s not.

Me: Tell me about Mike, your boyfriend.

Emily: Mike is wonderful, has been wonderful. He has been there for me since I was fourteen. He looked after me when I… He’s been there for me through some difficult times and I love him dearly. He’s more excited about university than I am, he’s been there nearly a year now and I can see that he likes to meet new people. He still manages to make time for me so I’m grateful for that.

Me: Thank you for your time.

Emily nurses a steaming cup of herbal tea as she goes back to staring out of the window.

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Kirsty Allen is a writer who specializes in lifestyle blogging & fiction writing. 'The Ramblings of a Madwoman' can be found at her website theroamblogger.com

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