Game Review: Little Nightmares

It looks quaint. A tiny little yellow coated protagonist wanders across a 3D side-scrolling platform-esque game...

It looks quaint. A tiny little yellow coated protagonist wanders across a 3D side-scrolling platform-esque game. Only it’s dark and the yellow coat is the only thing that stands out against the beautifully bleak background.

From the start, there is no hand holding and this game quickly establishes itself as a game meant for experienced players.

Although it has a style that at first glance looks like it should be aimed at children, its style progressively hints at the bleak subject matter, i.e the suicide victim who’s legs we see hanging from the ceiling. The subject is meant to be seen as we push the chair from underneath his legs to climb out of the room. It is meant to establish a story, a motive for the character and the player to continue on their journey, to find out why this is happening.

While on the subject of character, the character design is incredible. When we are first introduced to the blind snatcher it is the first thrill we experience, the first time our stomachs flip. The protagonists are kooky and sewn together like something from Tim Burton’s animated film 9.

What makes this game stand out for me is the lack of dialogue and fight sequences. Instead, we rely on imagery and sounds to help us to understand the story and puzzles are subtly introduced to immerse the player further.

At its core, it is a game full of enigma and mystery. It’s a game that will keep you playing just to find out where this character is, who these horrible antagonists are and why there are so many abandoned shoes. It’s a game full of twists and turns that will keep you entertained throughout.

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