Is An Online Course Right For You?

This week I'm turning my reviewers gaze towards something different: online courses and whether or not I recommend undertaking one.

This week I’m turning my reviewers gaze towards something different: online courses and whether or not I recommend undertaking one.

Last weekend I signed up for a Social Media Marketing course, knowing the outcome would be a level 3 diploma and an advanced knowledge of social media.

The idea is to not only boost my blog through more refined marketing techniques learned during the course but to also improve and develop my resume for a better chance at improving my career.

Seems like a good plan right?

On Monday this week, I spent an hour and a half studying after an incredibly stressful and lengthy day at work. It was difficult to concentrate, meaning that several times I had to reread sentences before I absorbed them. Was the pure adrenaline of learning something new pushing me forward with a renewed sense of self or was this a temporary education, much like the use of trigonometry at school? We shall find out as the course progresses.

With this course and many of the online courses available I can access the estimated 40 hours worth of lessons for 12 months, meaning that I have plenty of time to spend learning if I want to cover bitesize segments over a longer period of time. This meant I didn’t need to cover an entire unit in an evening, but as the presentation for the unit carried on, there I was, red-eyed and tired until the bitter end. Although it was tiring, I was pleased I had applied for the course.

So who are online courses aimed at? People like you and I, young adults looking to further improve our circumstances, people looking to retrain in a new field after obtaining a misguided university degree.

A few tips on finding the right course for you:
1. Don’t go for the first one you see. There are plenty of discounted courses on Reed at the moment so I personally ended up browsing through pages and pages before I stumbled on the course I finally settled for.
2. Find a course that is run by a recognised body. My course is recognised by the independent newspaper and of course Reed. This is relevant if you are hoping to use your course to prove that you are educated to the same level as your peers.

Would I recommend the course?
It’s a lengthy process, sure, but knowledge is well and truly power and I hope that by developing my skill set I will be able to improve my situation. As I have mentioned, I have enjoyed the course so far and would recommend that anyone looking to undertake a course find something that excites them, inspires them to become a more developed person.

What subjects inspire you? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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