Writing Prompt #12

"Literally everything about this is illegal," Katie whispered, looking over her shoulder for the hundredth time that evening.

“Literally everything about this is illegal,” Katie whispered, looking over her shoulder for the hundredth time that evening.

“Lighten up a little, think of it as an adventure.” Tom was crouched in front of the lock, trying his best to shimmy it open. He was struggling.

Katie sighed.

“Keep an ear out and move out of the way.”

Tom held his hands up, grinning his Cheshire smile as he moved out of Katie’s path.

Taking a breath she held the lock in both hands and mumbled quietly, so quietly that even an earwigging Tom couldn’t decipher what she was saying.

Tom peeked out of the office and down the empty hallway. It was dark and eerily silent, although he was glad, he was not expecting populated halls after college hours.

Turning his phone’s torch back towards where Katie was working he jumped as she appeared illuminated barely inches from his face.

It was her turn to smile.

She had the open lock in one hand and a file in the other.

“This is what you were after, wasn’t it?”

Tom snatched it from her hands, flicking through the few pages.

“I hope it’s worth it.” Katie whispered, remembering where she was, “because if we get caught I’m going to lose all credibility, not to mention my grades.”

Tom was too busy absorbing the information on the paper.

Scribbling notes on a scrap receipt from his back pocket with a pen from the desk, Tom looked manic.

“Can we hurry it up here? You’re making me incredibly anxious.”

Tom refolded the paper, stuffing it into his pocket. He placed the folder in its correct location in the cabinet and reattached the lock with a satisfying click.

Nodding towards the door he led the pair out of the building and to the safety of the open campus grounds.

Katie shoved him, “You are a nightmare.”

“Well,” Tom laughed, “that was exciting. We just have to hope they don’t have CCTV in the offices now.”

Katie’s face fell.

“I’m joking! Joking! I checked, they don’t. Anyway, who would have CCTV if they have some rudimentary lock on their cabinet? I was expecting a code pad, you know, something easy.”

“You’re not James Bond, you know that right?” Katie scowled, although she was hiding a smile.

“I’ve always pictured myself more a Q.”

Tom put his arm around Katie’s shoulders, much to Katie’s disapproval.

“I don’t know how you did it, but thank you for opening that lock and helping me.”

“You’re welcome.”


This was a short piece based on two of my side characters in my developing WIP manuscript. I hope you enjoyed, let me know any feedback in the comments below. Are Katie and Tom likable characters?


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