Writing Prompt #11

"Brains are horribly obscure organs. They are capable of imagining the worst scenarios, instigate fear and anxieties that are increased in moments of uncertainty..."

Part one can be found here.

Part two can be found here.

Part Three:

Brains are horribly obscure organs. They are capable of imagining the worst scenarios, instigate fear and anxieties that are increased in moments of uncertainty.

In the pitch black dark of the prison cell, my mind ran away with itself, creating monsters from the sounds of the mechanical pipework above me. Although not unfounded, my fear had been piqued and I sat perfectly still listening to every sound, every movement in the hope that something wouldn’t reveal itself.

The other side of my brain began to reason with the anxieties, why would the scientist create an undead being only to kill them again? The simple answer was: he wouldn’t. So there was no point in analysing every sound as a potential threat.

Unless of course, the scientist was using me as a guinea pig and all of this was a test.

I sat like that for what felt like hours. Battling constantly with my emotions until I began to feel my skin pulsing like my heart was pumping blood around my body at such a high pressure that it had begun stretching my veins.

I began to wonder what I was, what I’d become, what he had made me into.

Couldn’t he just leave well enough alone? It was unnatural to bring the dead back to life, Mary Shelley taught me that. I was unnatural.

I was unnatural.

The lights hummed before flickering on again, the sudden illumination attacking my irises with tiny pinpricks, stabbing me from the inside out.

Growling, I stood up.

I could hear footsteps approaching the cell and I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity to jump the man who did this to me.

The door clicked and hummed before opening, this was my chance.

Leaping forward I collided with a body, launching the two of us towards the floor, sounds of bare skin slapping against the cold concrete as we landed heavily on the ground.

In my haze, I hadn’t noticed the considerably smaller frame of the person I had attacked. The eyes were dark grey which matched the greying hair that sprouted out of the woman’s head. Who was this?

In my confusion, a second pair of arms grabbed me, holding me back as my animal side roared to life, attempting to break free. All I knew is I had been kidnapped and thrown in this jail cell and these people were somehow related to all of this.

“Calm down!” The second pair of arms belonged to a cumbersome athlete wearing what looked like gym gear but it was hard to tell when he had my arms pinned behind my back.

I had so many questions.

“Calm down? Calm down! You kidnapped, tortured and kept me imprisoned and you expect me to calm down?!” I screamed as the woman got to her feet.

“Are you okay Denny?” The male voice asked.

The young woman with the silver hair nodded, her lips forming a tight frown line, as she approached me.

“I was like you in the beginning. You’ll learn.”

“Why are you keeping me captive?” I was getting pretty sick of these people not answering my questions.

“It’s for your own good.” The voice behind me spoke softly, “It’s so you don’t hurt anybody.”

“It’s so you don’t end up like the Barron.” Denny interrupted.

“If you were so worried about me ending up like this Barron guy then why didn’t you just leave me for dead? Why bring me back?”

“He needs to save her.”

Denny shot the guy holding me a frustrated look like he’d said too much.

“Who? Why does he need me to save some woman?” I tried to wriggle my arms so that I could see the man’s face.

He opened his mouth.

“She needs to go to the testing room now!” Denny growled.

Obliging, the guy led me forward back down the corridor and back towards the operating table where I had been attacked only yesterday.

It seemed like a lifetime ago but it had only been yesterday, or even only a few hours ago, I had no sense of time down here in this underground cavern.

The sensation under my skin began again and I winced as I felt electric currents pulsing down my legs with every movement. I ignored it and pressed on, wanting answers. If anyone was going likely to give me them it was this guy leading me.

“What’s your name?” I asked, looking over my shoulder to catch the side of his profile.

“Fausto.” He mumbled, trying not to attract Danny’s attention. She seemed bitchy and intent on completing her mission, whatever that was, so she was a clear no go when it came to talking.

The room emerged before us, a strong shiver electrified my spine from horror.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“We need to make sure you are truly alive, my dear.” The scientist appeared, pulling on a set of clear gloves, “and to do that we need to test you.”

“But I’m breathing, my heart is beating. What more do you need from me?” I struggled again in Fausto’s grip as sheer terror began to surface.

After leading me further into the room, pushing me through another door with considerable force, Denny pulled at my shoulders, sat me in the chair that oddly reminded me of being at the dentist and strapped my arms and legs in the holsters using the well-worn leather straps and buckles.

It was like being stuck in the movie Saw. I predicted one of them was about to whip out a couple of over the top, deadly looking blades and offer me a choice.

“Shall we begin?” The scientist smirked.


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