TV Review: Glitch (Netflix)

As far as I am aware, I have not watched any Australian TV shows prior to Glitch (except maybe the few episodes of Neighbours that I was subjected to as a Media Studies student) and I was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining the show was.

Glitch is a Netflix TV series about a group of six people who return from the dead, not as zombies or undead entities, but as perfectly healthy regular people. Or so we think.

At its heart, it is an enigma wrapped in an enigma. From the first scene, we are enticed in, wanting to know why people are crawling up out of the dirt and crying in the graveyard but instead of the relief of answers, we are only given more questions to ask, more enigmas to uncover.

And then, right when the show reaches it’s most intricate puzzle, it ends.

It ends.

Only a show that is so convinced of itself would gamble with a finale that doesn’t answer any questions. Only a show so confident of a second series would leave its viewers hanging in the balance and yet, it worked.

Series two is currently being filmed and personally, I can’t wait to see the end result.

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