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A Child and a Teddy

A Poem By Freddie Irvin "Only in my sleep did you truly speak, And I turned to see if I was dreaming..."

A Poem By Freddie Ivin, Founder of Poetry Collective, Published Poet

Only in my sleep did you truly speak,
And I turned to see if I was dreaming.
You see, I’ve been awake for hours now
Staring at the ceiling,
Tracking the plaster swirls
That whirlpool my eyes in shadows,
And there’s nothing else
but heavy breathing
That seems to sing the world good night.
I’d hoped the streetlights
Would guide my path to morning;
Those moon-time sun’s shone
Brighter now than ever.
Your head hit the pillow first
with eyes wide open
But mine sits light with lids that flutter
Disturbing the room from lazy, heavy hanging,
Silent and forever watching,
Waiting for me to slip away.
Slowly I surrender to that uncertain grasp
That throws me deeper, faster, closer
Until I hit my stage.
If only you’d talk to me
I wouldn’t be so scared.

NB You can find Freddie’s Poetry Collective facebook page here for more readings and videos. I personally attended on of the sessions in the Bird Cage in Norwich which made me feel very cultured. So thank you for your post Freddie and dear reader, please check out the Poetry Collective.

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