A Review of Reviews

A review of reviews.

Are they any good, a review? They offer an insight that present readers the chance to experience the world through the reviewer’s eyes if only for a moment. Is it a clever advertisement meant to lure us in as consumers or are reviews there to help us stop making horrible life decisions. That’s what I aim to do with my new weekly reviews, I hope to offer you, dear readers, an insight into the aspects of my life that may inspire you to follow in my footsteps or avoid altogether. Think of it like an experiment, it could go horribly wrong and I end up burning off my hair like this unlucky lady or, I could find a fantastic gem and want to shout from the rooftops about it.

After all, to be informed is to be insightful and in being insightful we can develop as human beings, learn from each other’s mistakes, take a leap of faith that we may not have done otherwise in fear of failure or rejection.

Dear reader, I hope you will enjoy my new weekly reviews and don’t forget to let me know what you thought of this article in the comment section below.

Published by Kirsty Allen

Kirsty Allen is a writer who specializes in lifestyle blogging & fiction writing. 'The Ramblings of a Madwoman' can be found at her website theroamblogger.com

2 thoughts on “A Review of Reviews

  1. When I was in high school, we went on a trip across the pond (we did a tour of a couple European countries). Anyways, I burnt my bangs off trying to straighten them!! It was super embarrassing– I didn’t realize that the different outlets would affect the temperature of my straightener. Ha!

    Anyways, looking forward to your reviews!


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