Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #6

I can feel the sand beneath my bare toes, a fine and dusty dirt that you only find in deserts...

I can feel the sand beneath my bare toes, a fine and dusty dirt that you only find in deserts. The landscape is vast in front of me and it’s littered with small pale plant life that reminds me of tumbleweed. I notice a salty taste on my tongue and I observe a still ocean behind me, unmoved by wind or tide. I am half naked and cold, the early morning biting at my skin, causing large goose bumps to appear on my forearms.

A fire crackles a short distance in front of me but it seems abandoned.

As I draw closer, the dust picks up in the air and the salty taste intensifies. Where am I? I had just been in the lab, far away from anywhere remotely like this. Had the experiments worked?

A large safe with a wheel attached to the front sits proudly in the sand on top of a slight incline. It looks old like it has been here for a while, the steel having a slight rusty tinge and flaking at the corners.

Much like Alice, my curiosity gets the best of me and I want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, so I tug at the safe which is already opened a crack.

The dust swirls up in front of me and for a moment I am blinded but as the dust settles once more I see the clothes neatly folded as if waiting for me. Do these belong to someone? In the early dawn light I look over to the ocean, looking for signs of movement, maybe the owner of these clothes is having a bath?

There’s no movement from the ocean and my need for warmth wins over the sense to be courteous to others so I pull out the clothes, throwing them over my body and embracing the warmth that they provide. They are my size.

A noise startles me from behind, a chestnut coloured horse has appeared from behind one of the sand dunes and is heading straight for me. It’s calm and determined to reach me and I am forcibly stuck to the spot, unable to move away, too encapsulated by the sight.

It stops to look at me. It’s large brown eyes enticing me forward. I place a hand on the fur on his nose, stroking his mane as I wander towards the horse’s middle.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, a question not only for the horse but for me as well. Speaking seems to disturb the peace so I settle for silence.

Looking over his shoulder at me, he prompts me to climb on its back. I have never ridden a horse, let alone climb on one so I pause, unable to continue.

The horse sits down and lets me climb on his back before standing and moving forward.

I don’t know where we’re going but I know it’ll be an adventure, that’s for certain.


Thank you for reading!

The Ramblings of a Madwoman blog posts weekly short stories based off writing prompts which I hope inspires the writer within you.

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