Valentine’s Day (groans)

It’s all around us, that dreaded day looms over us like a heavy weight on our shoulders.

Valentine’s Day.


I once celebrated Valentine’s Day, it must have been when I was fourteen or fifteen. My partner at the time showed up at my house with a huge bouquet of fresh roses (in a glass vase- how thoughtful), a teddy and a mug with hearts stamped all the way around the porcelain (which now sits as a money pot on the mantelpiece). He drove me back to his house, where he was living with his parents, and cooked me steak and we each had a glass of wine. I felt so grown up.

I must have become cynical in the past few years because the novelty of Valentine’s Day, much like Christmas, has faded into a money drain. Maybe I’ve lost connection with my inner romantic but I believe that if you truly love someone you should be able to express that love throughout the year and not limit that to one day, the one day all the restaurants wack up their prices to suck that hard earned cash from your blind, romanticised wallet. Personally, I am excitedly anticipating the arrival of a much nicer holiday.

Pancake day.

I propose that we have a counter Valentine’s Day. Much like closing your eyes and pointing at a globe, I suggest we close our eyes and point randomly at a yearly calendar and on the date your finger lands, that’s when you’ll do something special with your partner. It then removes the commercialism from the day, instead making it feel more personalised and special to you and your loved one.

Recently I wrote an article for the Epoch Herald about a few romantic getaways to visit in 2017, maybe they’ll offer you some ideas for your very own Valentine’s Day.



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