Top 5 Travel Books

My first day off since Christmas and I spend it, unsurprisingly, in a bookstore.

Now I know you can’t judge the content of a book based on the colours of the cover alone but when the travel books have luscious A3, full-colour photographs on the cover it’s hard not to buy them then and there. It’s the same with the geography and space books. It reminds me how small I actually am, how little I have explored this world and how much I have yet to do.

Does the idea of travelling to places unknown scare or entice you? Below you’ll find some books that are now on my wish list that grabbed my attention.


1. Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited And Never Will by Judith Shalansky

“Rarely has armchair travel been so far flung and romantic” Time Out

2. How to Pack for Any Trip by Lonely Planet. A quaintly illustrated book for those lucky enough to be going on a trip. It covers everything from what to take to the desert to camping.

I found the snippets I read to be entertaining and humorous, with a bit of added dry wit. For those of you after a how-to guide that doesn’t take itself too seriously please add this to your wish list.

3. 50 Museums To Blow Your Mind by Lonely Planet. Whenever I’ve been abroad usually the last thing on my mind is to visit a museum (I’m usually too busy soaking up the sun) but this little gem looked like it could be full of interesting venues and places to visit. I.e the Grammy Museum in LA.

4. Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places On The Planet…Ranked. This book has everything you want from a travel book: large full page spreads of colourful images of the destination being described as well as short tips and tricks.

5. Where To Go When by Lonely Planet. Remember the big glossy cover I said earlier? This was one of those attractive books I nearly bought on the spot.

It contains full page spreads of attractive images, broken down by the best dates to visit each place. Theoretically, if money were no object, you could plan out an entire year of travel using this book as a guide.

Where are you planning to visit this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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