Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #5

The white light was almost blinding as she opened her eyes. How long had she been asleep? She couldn’t remember how she’d ended up here, in fact, she couldn’t remember where she should have been when she awoke, but it definitely should not have been in the middle of a field under the mid-afternoon sun.

She remembered that it had been summer but she didn’t feel the heat from the sun but she didn’t feel cold, she just felt comfortable.

A long shadow fell across her, blocking the sun and her vision. Initially, all she could make out was the strange red and green polka dot tie that hung from the man’s neck. It reminded her of Christmas, but it was summer, wasn’t it?

“Hello! Welcome!” The man offered a hand for her to take as he helped her to her feet.

“Where am I?” She asked.

“I’m sorry to tell you but you’re dead. You’re a ghost.” The man said it so nonchalantly that she nearly let out a nervous chuckle. It was like he’d said it before like he’d had a lot of practice.

She had a sinking feeling in her stomach, something in her bones made her feel like he was telling her the truth, but how could he be?

“I know, you’re wondering how I could possibly be telling you the truth, how did you die, etcetera etcetera. Follow me, it’s probably best to show you what we do here.”

They wandered through the field until they reached a building that seemed to sprout up from the middle of nowhere like in a dream or a cinematic cut scene from a film. Inside were tall, seemingly endless ceilings and a wide open expanse of space where other people stood looming over what looked like circular mirrors that hovered in midair. They shimmered from the light as she passed, only the image was not a reflection but a distorted camera feed of some sort.

“Are you watching people?” She asked.

“We’re ghosts my duck, that’s what we do.”

They stopped behind one person who was leaning so far forward that they were half into the mirror, a good portion of their upper body reached through into this other world. The ghost was chuckling to himself as he watched his otherworldly prank play out.

“So is this what we do here? Watch people and play school pranks on the living?”

Her mentor shook his head, “oh no! This is just the observation deck, we have much more to offer. Think of it like a much-needed break from life, only,” he looked at her wrist, smiling, “you’re not quite ready yet.”

She felt a sudden gust of air fill her lungs and she was thrown backward through darkness and back into life with a startled shake. She heard the paramedic and the faint ambulance sounds around her, felt the floor as the vehicle sped down the highway.


  1. Love the setting! It definitely sounds like something you could explore later on. I’d love to know what sort of pranks they are playing through those mirror-things. I’m also curious about the ghosts themselves– what do they look like? And what else goes on there? The possibilities are endless! 🙂

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