Top Songs of 2017, so far

It’s been a whole month of 2017 already. In that time I have already beaten my monthly views and increased my follower count by more than I was expecting. So far it’s been a good year for writing and achievements and I hope it continues in this upward motion for the foreseeable future.

For me, 2017 has brought back CDs in a big retro way and reestablished the shrine in my heart for all things music. This week I want to look at all the new music I’ve heard this year and share my top tracks of 2017. It won’t be to everyone’s liking as music is and always will be a very personal thing but maybe it will inspire you to broaden your horizons and try a new genre.

1 Rag’n’bone Man- Human. This guy has a soulful strong voice that is reminiscent of Alex Clare. It’s a walking tune, every beat a footstep.

2 You Me At Six- Night People. I saw You Me At Six live at Reading festival last year and they performed this song as a preview to their new album. It’s not only a rock tune but it is super catchy and trust me, it will get stuck in your head.

3 Great Good Fine Ok- Everything To Me. A chillstep dance tune perfect for that long drive- definitely the song for summer this year!

4 Halestorm- Heathens (twenty one pilots cover). It wouldn’t be an article about music if I didn’t slip in the obligatory twenty one pilots reference.

5 Sofia Sarri- Moon. For fans of Emilie Autumn and electric violins please give this experimental track a listen. It’s an industrial electronic style that may not be to everyone’s liking but it was a breath of fresh air compared to the everyday pop music I hear on the radio.

So there you have it, my top tracks of 2017, so far.

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