Top 5 Wardrobe Necessities 2017

Everybody thinks a girl should have their very own little black dress. I have at least three. But if you’re anything like me you own dresses because they’re an easy outfit to chuck on with minimal effort.

This week, in my spring clean I am hoping to reduce the number of clothes in my wardrobe, making sure that I have all the necessities to keep my style fashionable and not mismatched.

I used to watch Gok Wan’s fashion show. It had a great idea that I’ve carried with me but never truly followed, it was that a wardrobe should consist of a few complete outfits that you can alternate during the week. So what do I consider are my wardrobe necessities?

H&M do a range of simple, inexpensive plain coloured tops. These go perfectly under a shirt or paired with some statement jewellery and some patterned trousers. I personally couldn’t live without them.

You could put it down to where I grew up but I practically live in leggings. They’re the perfect alternative to tights in the winter and they’re the most comfortable during times where you need comfort- that’s right ladies, I’m talking periods.

I leave this to personal taste, I like dresses that are simple and easy to accessorise with loud statement jewellery. As always, and it could be the inner rock chick that’s saying this, but I prefer black dresses– they’re slimming and classy and suit nearly every occasion (I would maybe choose a different colour for a wedding, though it depends on the bride).


The trusty leather jacket should be in every girl’s wardrobe, it’s got pockets so you don’t necessarily need a bag (and if you’re anything like me on a night out, I hate carrying bags and would prefer not to) but it’s dressy enough for the winter and autumn months and creates a ‘rock chick’ look on a night on the town.

Black goes with everything, so why not keep a simple pair of black pumps or mary janes for the summer and boots for the winter. The rest, the colourful patterns, the statement shoes are for just that: to make a statement, so personally I would keep them for pairing with plain outfits, although fashion is subjective so who is to say what is right and what is wrong?

There will be some of you who won’t agree with my choices, they’ll be some who already own all of the above but they’ll be some of you who have wardrobes bursting full of clothes and ‘nothing to wear’. This article is for you, to show you that by reducing the number of clothes doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the number of outfits you can wear.

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