Back to Old School

Having an old car means having to revert to an old school method of listening to music.

Oh CDs how I missed you!

I can’t wait to listen to my CDs on my way to work in the morning, singing along and making that morning commute just that little bit more bearable.

So what did I buy?

Halsey- Badlands
One of my favourite female singers at the moment, barring Regina Spektor & Laura Marling, Halsey brings dark and sexy baselines with her relatively new album Badlands. My favourite song on the album: Control (which happened to be the sales person’s favourite too).

Bring me the Horizon- That’s the Spirit
I am obsessed with this album at the moment. It has everything I want from an album: some rock-pop songs, heavy metal tunes and it’s all entwined effortlessly with a few background dubstep inspirations. My favourite song on the album: Happy Song.

Twenty one pilots- Vessel
February 2016 I saw Twenty one pilots in Brixton academy in London. It was one of the most incredible gigs I’ve ever been to and I am dying to see them again. For now their album will have to suffice. My favourite song on the album: Trees.

Enter Shikari- The Mindsweep
It seems my music taste is unclassifiable. This band, if you’ve not heard them before, are a mixture of metal, rock and some sort of synth sounds. They like to get political so if you like the sound of that then I would recommend giving them a listen. My favourite song on the album: Anaesthetist.

Fallout boy- Save Rock and Roll
The Save Rock and Roll album from my favourite band has brought them back from hiatus in a big way. They were awesome in the O2 arena back in 2014 and they were equally as good at reading festival last year. My favourite song on the album: Just One Yesterday.

So probably not to everyone’s taste but a few artists for you to listen to if you’re bored of your current playlist and you’re looking for new music.

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