#bloggingbranding Day Four: Creating Engaging Content

Today the focus for my improvement is on the actual content on my blog, or at least this is what WordPress suggested I look at this morning. It suggested that by analysing the best-liked posts I will be able to predict the future, knowing exactly what to write to appeal to my incoming traffic.

Truth is, you blag it until you make it. They say you should focus on your stats but not too much that you lose focus and energy from your blog. They also say that you should create an editorial calendar so that your blog is more focused and appealing to passers-by. Thing is, I agree with them on that last one, although I’m sure many people would disagree.

According to WordPress, my most popular day for views is a Saturday at 6 pm, which would be marvellous if it were true as it is one of the only days of the week that I actually get time to spend writing. Unfortunately, a while back, after my trip to Reading festival, I produced a pretty successful post which had over triple the number of views than a regular post would ever achieve. I believe because of that one post, WordPress’ algorithms have not worked out views properly as the average has been thrown wildly out of proportion.

Still, posting little and often seems to be the way forward and may be the way forward for your blog.

I have planned the next month’s articles which, although has taken the fun out of sporadically posting as and when I feel like it, has increased my productivity and encouraged me to think about the content I am creating.
So this year expect a lot more lifestyle posts: music, food, drink, fashion, travel destinations, writing prompts and entertainment. If you like the sound of that and you’re new around here, why not follow my blog for exciting upcoming content?

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