Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #2

“There’s three of us and only one of him, there’s going to be no harm in picking this guy up.”

“There’s three of us and only one of him, there’s going to be no harm in picking this guy up.”

Mike put the petrol pump back in its holster, looking through the open window to his friends.

“He probably only wants a lift up the road. I’m going to see what he wants.”

Jeff unclipped his seatbelt and climbed out of the front seat.

“I’m coming with you. Plus if you do decide to pick the guy up he can sit in the front where we can all keep an eye on him.”

“You guys are so paranoid.” Amy chuckled.


The hitchhiker lazed in the front seat, his bag slung under his feet.

“Thank you for picking me up. I’ve been walking for miles.”

“Where are you headed?” Amy questioned, leaning forward, holding Mike’s headrest.

“I’m visiting an old colleague but my car broke down. I just need a lift to the bus stop just on the outskirts of the next town.”

“Can’t your friend come and pick you up?” Amy asked.

“Colleague. And no. Thing is, it’s a surprise.”

Mike nodded, “I did the same thing once to surprise Jeff in the back there. Mind you, I didn’t end up hitchhiking to get where I needed to be.”

“It’s definitely an experience. You get to meet new people and there are some interesting people out there, I’ll tell you that.”

There was an odd silence.

“So what did you do with your old colleague before you ended up where you are today?” Again Amy asked, wanting to break the silence.

The hitchhiker stayed quiet as he thought of his answer.

“We were bounty hunters.” He spoke plainly.

All three other voices in the car exploded at once.

“Wow, that’s incredible.”

“Bounty hunters?”


“So you’re dangerous then.” Jeff said lastly.


The realisation sunk in as to who they’d picked up. Some guy who got paid to collect fugitives. Did he kill people? Surely he wouldn’t kill them? They were helping him to get to this other bounty hunter.

“Relax.” The hitchhiker said, “you’re not in danger, you’re not on my list. But unfortunately, my colleague is.”

“You’re hunting a bounty hunter?” Amy questioned.


“So what has this guy done to deserve it?” Mike asked, not taking his eyes off the road.

“Now that is a question for another day. You can stop here, bus stop is right ahead.”

Mike’s mouth hung open before he gently pulled to one side.

The hitchhiker climbed out of the front seat, grabbing his bag as he left.

“Thanks again for the lift.” He nodded before taking off down the road.


“I reckon he was lying. Some old dude who gets off telling stories to gullible people who pick him up.” Jeff climbed back into the front seat, clipping his seatbelt back into place.

Mike began to drive on, wanting to get far away from this place and far away from that man. He gave him the creeps and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

There was a soft thud as Jeff’s foot came into contact with something under the seat.

Leaning down to pick it up, he returned with a metallic object and a look on his face that said ‘oh shit’.

“Is that a gun?” Amy asked, her doe eyes wide.

“Guess he wasn’t lying.” Jeff said in awe.

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