Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt #1

“No way, I’m not falling for that. I’ve seen Bedazzled!”

“Are you sure? You’re missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to make three wishes, any three wishes of your choosing.” The genie folded his arms, looking incredulous. No one, in all his two thousand years as a genie, had turned down the opportunity to have three things that they desired most. But then again, this was the 21st century and he had been recovered by a liberal millennial who thought too much and acted very little.

“It seems like a trap. If I wish for fame and fortune I will always feel like a fake, if I wish for happiness will I be constantly questioning my reality? There seems no wish to make that doesn’t have a side effect on something else. What would you wish for genie?”

The genie raised his eyebrows. No one had ever asked what he would wish for before.

“Freedom from my shackles and,” he paused to stroke his beard, “an afternoon with Robin Williams.” He laughed.

The millennial’s face hung low.

“Do you not know about Robin?”

Waving her question away he answered.

“I’m a genie, I can make any wish come true outside the constraints of this universe.”

The millennial smiled.

“But why Robin Williams?”

“Why not?” The genie shrugged.

After a short pause for thought, the millennial held up a finger.

“Ok, so for my first wish I wish for your freedom.”

A second finger unfolded.

“For my second I wish that you could spend an afternoon with the living, breathing comical genius during the highlight of his career: Robin Williams.”

“And your third wish?” The genie smiled, feeling the noose loosen around his neck.

She unfolded her third finger.

“I wish to spend the afternoon with you and Robin.”

“Your wish is my command.” The genie beamed. After two thousand years, he finally could walk free, he had never felt more elated than he did now and it was all thanks to this lovely 21st-century human.

“What’s your name human?” He asked.

“Jenny.” The teenager smiled, “yours?”


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