Writing Prompt: Seasons & Sound

Winter creeps up on you, the orchestra plays quietly. It’s silently violent.

Winter is drawn out like a piece of classical music, long, unnecessary. It almost has you begging for an end before dawn finally breaks.

The strings ascend into madness as fresh buds burst through the dirt and the country is overrun with new life. Like the Alla Turca from Mozart’s Piano Sonata no. 11, the fresh life is inquisitive, cheeky and lively.

As the days extend and the sun hangs lazily in the sky, summer arrives. It reminds me of students, still young, still looking for adventure without commitment or responsibility.  Energetic dance tunes fill the air with electricity, they are all alive in the hot, inspiring sunshine. Days like these will last forever in our hearts.

The music changes and matures. Eventually, we come down from our high to settle into September. Temperatures drop as autumn begins. The hot chocolates and fluffy jumpers have us wrapped up in alcoves with books and various arts and crafts, the pumpkin spice lattes warming our insides. The music now reminds me of a perpetual Sunday afternoon, artists such as Alt-J and Mumford & Sons grace our ears until the temperature drops further, the soft lull of a piano and the ethereal strings of the violins setting the mood. It’s calming and quiet.
We hear that familiar sound of December creep in. It’s silently violent.

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