Writing Goals for 2017

Over a year ago I wrote 19,000 words on a supernatural thriller. It was around about the same time I started my first blog and rediscovered a love for writing. For a first attempt at an extended piece of fiction writing I thought it was a good try but I fell short and into that writers trap of not finishing what I started.

It’s Boxing Day and I’m recovering from my copious consumption that has left me considering my life choices. It’s always the way and from here forth I will forever dub the feeling as Boxing Day blues, that feeling of self doubt and misery as another year rolls to a close. It’s in this period of time where I feel both productive and completely unable to raise a finger but I push forward, push myself towards being productive. I have a week to do this, to create new goals for myself.

I will revisit my manuscript, in fact I’ve already started editing and re reading the words with a fresh pair of eyes. My first attempt at this book was forced quickly onto the page in a short period of time and because of that I ran out of steam and grew a distinct hatred for my work. Self demotivated I gave up, leaving all my hard work to never be seen again. Only today I have rediscovered it, and you know what? It’s damn good. It needs a rework and a few added chapters but it works and I’m proud to have got this far.


I found a wonderful writing group on Facebook: the ninja writers, who are a brilliant bunch of motivational beta readers, authors and critics. It’s this group that has helped me to decide my life goal: to become a writer. It’ll take some practice and some hard work but it’s not unachievable. All this machine requires is a regular income of hope and determination.

2017 will be the year I finish this book, increase traffic to my blog and feel accomplished. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help and support from my friends, family and readers who make me feel like a proper writer. Thank you for all your wonderful assistance, happy holidays and I will see you all in the new year!




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