My Eureka! Moment

When in a book shop it’s hard not to get carried away. I tend to pick up books that are far too complex with an idea in mind to better myself. It’s these browsing sessions that boost my self-confidence, contrary to the belief, as I feel inspired and raring to type.

It’s moments like these that I cling to, moments of heightened motivation that allow the words to flow through my fingertips and onto the screen with an effortless fluidity.

After watching a particularly riveting YouTube video about the Josephus problem I’ve rekindled a dormant love for maths and therefore I’ve been attempting to find a book to read to entertain this recaptured love. Although the books I can find are either textbooks or essays far too complex for the passionate algebra appreciator, not only that but they are written by men with a complete lack of charisma, a lack that seems to be stereotypically linked with maths teachers and old men (sorry dad). So I end up leaving the shop with little but a smile and a lingering hope, wondering if I’ll maybe find something on Amazon or Goodreads that will ignite the spark.

What I did find on my adventure instead was a small collection of magazines about travel, which happens to be one of my favourite topics to write about as it gives me an excuse to visit new and exciting places. It was upon seeing these magazines I felt the familiar buzz as the cogs in my brain clicked into place. I had an idea: What if I sent my articles to these magazines to get some feedback? Obviously, it’s not a new idea, it’s one that has clearly been done before, but for me, it was my eureka moment and I nearly skipped out of the shop without paying. (P.s don’t do that, stealing is bad).

My point is that inspiration comes to everyone differently and no matter how insignificant you may think your motivation is please grip onto it because it may take you to wonderful places. My parting words to you are to read every day and absorb everything like a sponge because some day it may prove useful.


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