The Trump Card: What to do when you’re facing political suicide

Like a never ending spiral of bad news we tumble further down the rabbit hole with the announcement of the US president: Donald Trump. And like Brexit, the winners go into hiding with their tails between their legs, unable to give any reassuring words to the undeniably distraught.

It’s happened in history before with the likes of Stalin, Putin and Hitler. There have been wars to end all wars and yet we repeat ourselves like Groundhog Day, seemingly unaware of what has come before us.

Arguably we are a resilient bunch, like cockroaches we have survived. Unlike cockroaches, we cannot survive a nuclear attack and with the imminent prejudices that our minorities are about to face who can see any other result than one formed from hatred and segregation?

Much like the crying girl from Mean Girls I wish we could all get along and bake cakes filled with rainbows and be happy but it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to imagine a world with love and acceptance.

Now I believe it is more important than ever to accept your fellow human being for who they are: a human being. No one is greater or lesser than anyone else, we are all formed of star dust and that, as I have said before, is spectacular in itself. Why would you feel the need to prove yourself better than anyone else? Instead of discriminating against someone because of the colour of their skin, their gender, sexual preference or whether they face a disability try looking past this for an insight into their character.

We don’t need to build a wall to make America great again, we need to introspectively observe our past and our future to improve our existence both economically and environmentally. Just because there are bigots in charge does not mean we have to follow suit.


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