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Take a look at our portfolio. Whether you’re after royal portraits, a landscape print of your favourite places, or are after a complete wall mural, you can see our previous work and shop our collection here.


Learn a bit more about Kirsty, our owner, as well as the RoamBlogger brand and how it came to be the interior design business it is today.


Sometimes we like to write. It’s how the business started after all. Explore our motivational posts and creative inspiration.


What we do best

Home Design Consultancy

Whether it’s what kind of furnishings you should use to create a minimalist interior, or a business premise which needs interior designing, we offer a consultancy service.

Project Estimates

If you have a project, we’re happy to put a quote together for you so you have a price to work with within your budget.

Business & Marketing

We’ve been working with SEO and product listings for a while now and can help if you need our expertise.

Producing Sample Boards

When designing an interior, it’s important for our customers and us to be able to communicate. What better way than with a visual mood board?

Photoshop Designs

With 5+ years experience using Photoshop to create artwork and animations, we consider ourselves more advanced than the average person.

Branded Development

Colour palettes, imagery & fonts create a brand. Let us work with you to create a brand you’ll be pleased to represent.

A picture is a poem without words.


About Us

We’re interior decorators with a passion for wall art. This includes canvas prints, wall coverings and installations.

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